George Boothe

M, b. 1737, d. 1813
Birth*1737 George was born in 1737. 
Marriage* He married Permelia Wright?
Residence*Jan 1787 He resided at Montgomery Co, VA, in Jan 1787. 
Death*1813 George died in 1813 at Montgomery Co, VA. 
Biography* Source Materials on George Boothe:
1. History of Floyd Co., VA, by Amos D. Wood, 1981, pp. 19-21. Wood presents the story of George's birth as a son of an English earl in 1745. His escape to America was due to the lifting of a cornerstone to a plot of land, a punishable offense. Wood mentions that George "often made the trip on horseback from his home in New York, bringing back many droves of horses, which he turned out on a 'range.' He lived in the present county of Floyd many years and is buried on the land he took up." Children as "Obediah, Isaac, and Daniel." Text seems fairly reliable, and appears annotated; bracketed information often contradicts or expands on other information.

2. Montgomery Co. VA circa 1790, by Nellie Schreiner-Yantis, 1972.
Survey Book D:
25 May 1785. Robert Simpkins--41 acres on Mill Creek. Delivered to George Booth.
8 Jan 1787. George Boothe--282 acres on the Blue Spring waters of Meadow Creek.
16 May 1787. George Boothe--500 acres adjacent to William Canterbury and Joseph Fiffer. (James Howard came into the office and protests this survey.)
20 May 1787. George Boothe--135 acres on Meadow Creek., Plum Creek., and Connoleys Branch.
24 Jul 1787. George Boothe--240 acres on head waters of Mill Creek., branch of Little River.
6 Nov 1787. Moses Winters--78 acres on north side Pilot Mountain. adjacent to George Booth on waters of Mill Creek.
4 Nov 1788. George Boothe--72 acres at head branch of Mill Creek adjacent to Pilot Mountain.
26 Jul 1790. William Davidson (assignee of Israel Lorton, ass. George Booth, assignee. John Minister)--70 acres at head of Davidson's Branch adjacent to his own. Transferred to Zachariah Hurt.

3. Early Adventurers on Western Waters, by Kegley, Vol. 1.
1796 George Boothe--135 acres at head of Plum Creek.
1798 George Boothe--150 acres, Pine Run, branch of Little River. [this apparently marks his move to what is now Floyd Co.] 


Permelia Wright?