Second Generation

3. John2 Alderson Jr (John1)(2) reference ALDEJO38 was born in NJ 5 Mar 1737/8.(3) John died 3 Mar 1821 in Greenbrier Co, VA, at 82 years of age.(4) His body was interred in Alderson, Greenbrier Co, VA, Old Greenbrier Baptist Church.

He married Mary Carroll in Augusta Co, VA, 31 Oct 1759.(5) Mary was born in MD 1739. Mary was the daughter of William Carroll and Jane George. Mary died 17 Jul 1805 in Alderson, Greenbrier Co, WV, at 66 years of age.(6) Her body was interred in Alderson, Greenbrier Co, VA, Old Greenbrier Baptist Church.

John's occupation: Baptist minister.

"Among the early hunters in Campbell County (TN) were Daniel Boone, Squire Boone, John Milton (in 1761 Captain Breckenridge's waggoner), John Alderson, Joseph Carroll, John Herd, Curtis Alderson, Archibald Taylor, Phillip Cooper, Walter Kelly, Obediah Garwood; in 1751, John Strulter and Uriah Stone." [From Dr. D. L. Ridenour, The Land of the Lake, p. 2.]

The History of West Virginia, Old and New (Chicago and New York: The American Historical Society, Inc., 1923, Volume III, pgs. 618-19

THE ALDERSON FAMILY. Among the prominent and distinguished families of Monroe County few can lay claim to a more honorable lineage or to a more splendid record for public-spirited citizenship than that bearing the name of Alderson. This family traces back to John Alderson, the progenitor in the United States of the Aldersons of West Virginia, who came from Yorkshire, England, and first located in New Jersey, where he married Mary Curtis, and for a time was engaged in agricultural pursuits. Later he entered the ministry of the Baptist Church, and followed that calling during the remainder of his life, in Pennsylvania and Maryland. He became the father of three sons and one daughter. One of the sons of the immigrant John Alderson, "Elder John" Alderson, became historically connected with the early history of the southeastern part of what is now West Virginia. As a Baptist missionary he located in the immediate vicinity of Alderson, West Virginia, in 1774, and until the establishment of a church in 1781 visited around in the sparsely settled country, preaching and exhorting and bringing the Word to the pioneers. He became widely known and universally beloved, and continued as pastor of the church which he had founded until his death. He was born March 5, 1738, and October 31, 1759, married Mary Elizabeth Carroll, their children being: Alice, George, Mary, John (I), Joseph, Thomas, Margaret, Jane and John. These children of "Elder John" Anderson were fine characters and left honored names for their descendants, many of whom yet live in this section. George married a Miss Osborne, Joseph married "Polly" Newman, Margaret married Thomas Smithson,Jane married William McClung and John was married three times, first to Jane Walker, who bore him six children, next to Nancy (Robinson) Mays, who also bore him six children, and next to Millie Milholland. He died in 1853. John Alderson, the youngest son of "Elder John," was a farmer of Monroe County, and owned the Alderson ferry across the Greenbrier River. His home was the present site of the hotel. Of all his children but one now survives, he being familiarly known as "Uncle" George Alderson, and he is the "youngest son of the youngest son." "Uncle" George Alderson was born November 13, 1833, "the night the stars fell." He grew up in the immediate vicinity of his birthplace and makes his home on a part of the original farm. Under the legislative grant of 1789 the Alderson ferry was established, but as time passed and others came to live here the name was dropped and ever since the place has been known as Alderson. The original farm of John Alderson was over 200 acres, but the present farm of his son George consists of 175 acres. George Alderson has always followed farming. He enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1862, and during the greater part of his service acted as orderly for Generals Loring and Echols. He was elected a justice of the peace at the first election after the close of the war between the states, when the Confederates were again given the full rights of citizenship, and in 1885 was elected a representative to the last Legislature that was held at Wheeling, during which he was the author of the amendment to the penal law which provided a penalty of from one to two years' confinement for breaking into outbuildings with intent to steal. He has been twice married, first to Mary Jane Hines, who bore him three children: Charles O., who died in infancy; Emma Cornelia, connected with the Alderson Baptist Academy ever since its organization; and Ida, now deceased. Mr. Alderson's second marriage was with Virginia Stevens, and to this union there were born six children: John C., the only survivor: Bernard C.; William; George, who served two terms in the State Legislature; Virginia, who died as the wife of Charles B. Rowe, and Coleman C. Mr. Alderson is a democrat in politics and a Mason fraternally, and since its organization has been a director in the First National Bank. For forty years he was superintendent of the Baptist Sunday School, and for a longer period has been a deacon in the church. On November 13, 1867, Mr. Alderson married Virginia M. Stevens, and their wedded life has covered a period of more than fifty-four years. On their Golden Wedding Anniversary, November 13, 1917, which was also Mr. Alderson's eighty-fourth birthday, eighty-five guests gathered at the pleasant home on Sunset Hill, this being the first Golden Wedding celebration ever held in the community. Mrs. Alderson is a daughter of J. W. P. Stevens, of English ancestry, and a native of New Hampshire, who came to Alderson as a young man and married Miriam Gwinn. For nearly a half a century he was a teacher in the surrounding schools. He was a fine penman, and because of his splendid education and beautiful penmanship more of the deeds and official papers, as well as family records, are in his handwriting than all others combined. George Alderson, another son of Elder John Alderson, moved to Kanawha County, where he was engaged in salt production, and while his brothers were interested in the same business with him they maintained their homes in Greenbrier County. He became prominent in Kanawha County, and served as sheriff, and Alderson Street, Charleston, is named in his honor. George Alderson was a man of rugged type and of unusual force. He was elected and served several terms in the Virginia Legislature, where his practical knowledge was invaluable. Many interesting anecdotes are related of this man. It is told that he selected the largest corn cob that he could find, converted it into a pipe, and when his confreres remarked upon its size, replied that it was "merely a'nubbin.' " Joseph Alderson, son of Elder John Alderson, was elected sheriff of Monroe County, and after moving to Greenbrier County was a justice of the peace and a member of the Virginia State Legislature. He married "Polly" Newman, a daughter of Jonathan Newman a survivor of the Revolutionary battle of Guilford, and they had a large family. One son, George, known as "Colonel George," lived at DeKalb in Fayette County, and was married twice, first to Jeanette McCleary and then to Eliza Davis, by both of whom he had children, many of whose descendants are now living at and around Alderson, which town was named in honor of the family. John Marshall Alderson, the oldest child of the first marriage, was deputy sheriff and sheriff of Greenbrier County for years, and died in 1861. His wife was Cornelia Coleman, of Amherst County, Virginia, and they had nine children, seven growing to maturity: Sallie, who became the wife of Capt. John G. Lobban; James Powell; Joseph N.; Millie J., who was Mrs. Andrew J. Riffe; John M.; Cornelia M., who became Mrs. Taylor Mann; and Lucy, who became Mrs. E. R. Lewis. The mother of these children died in 1880. Of this family Joseph N. Alderson married Lillie Putney, of Kanawha County, and was engaged in railroad work as agent during his early manhood, later followed merchandising at Alderson, and served as post master during President Cleveland's first administration; also being otherwise prominent in local affairs. He and his wife had four children: Marshall P., who died in infancy; James M., who also died as an infant; Alethea T.; and Joseph N. The last named married Miss Frances Richardson, of Huntington, West Virginia, and they have two children: Frances and Alice Todd. Mr. Alderson was engaged in banking at Alderson until appointed postmaster in 1914, his term expiring in 1923, he being the third of his name to officiate as such. He is a past master of Alderson Lodge, A. F. and A. M., and is a Presbyterian in religious faith. John M. Alderson, the only surviving child of John Marshall and Cornelia (Coleman) Alderson, was born at what was then Palestine, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, February 11, 1854, and received only limited educational advantages. He left home at the age of nineteen years to become a telegraph operator and railroad agent, and in 1884 embarked in mercantile pursuits at Alderson, in which he has been engaged to the present. At one time he was the owner of a large number of branch stores, but at the present confines his attention to three establishments. During President Cleveland's second administration he served as postmaster, but he has never cared particularly for public office, preferring merely to exercise his right of franchise as an American citizen. He has been a supporter of democratic principles, in religion is a Baptist, and fraternally is affiliated with the Master Masons. On February 16, 1893, Mr. Alderson married Miss Florence Hodges, of Mount Sterling, Ohio, and to this union there have been born five children: Gladys Cless, who is unmarried and resides with her parents; Cornelia Coleman, who is the wife of H. L. Smith; Florence Marshall, who is the wife of O. B. Kirby; John Marshall, a member of the students Reserve Corps at the University of Richmond during the World war, now in business with his father, married Miss Elizabeth Creigh; and Julia Hodges, with her parents. It goes without saying that the descendants of Elder John Alderson are, for the most part, Baptists in religion, although late generations have accepted other faiths. So far as is known they have been democrats. None have been known to have violated the laws of the land; and, on the other hand, many have held important official positions with credit. On the whole, the Alderson's are recognized as among the solid and substantial people of West Virginia, a credit to the state and nation.

John Alderson Jr and Mary Carroll had the following children:

child 10 i. Alice3 Alderson was born in Augusta Co, VA 22 Aug 1760.

child + 11 ii. George Alderson was born 30 Aug 1762.

child 12 iii. Mary Alderson was born in Augusta Co, VA 10 May 1765.

child 13 iv. John Marcus Alderson was born in Augusta Co, VA 15 Apr 1769.

child + 14 v. Joseph Alderson was born 17 Jun 1771.

child 15 vi. son Alderson was born in Augusta Co, VA 18 June 1773. Son died 18 June 1773 in Augusta Co, VA, at less than one year of age.

child 16 vii. Thomas Alderson was born in Augusta Co, VA 30 Dec 1775.

child + 17 viii. Margaret Alderson was born 18 June 1778.

child + 18 ix. Jane Alderson was born 26 Nov 1780.

child + 19 x. John 'River Jack' Alderson was born 4 September 1783.

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